Mapping struggles of deception and politics in digital media
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My name is Johan Farkas and I am a PhD student at Malmö University (Sweden) in Media and Communication Studies.

My research explores societal questions of disguised propaganda, ‘fake news’ and political struggles, specifically in connection to digital media. I have published on these topics in international journals such as New Media & Society, Social Media + Society and Critical Discourse Studies as well as in book anthologies (see publications).

My debut book, Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy: Mapping the Politics of Falsehood, is published by Routledge (2019). Written with Jannick Schou, the book presents a critical examination of discourses about fake news and the post-truth era.

I am currently working on several research projects on new media and societal perceptions of facts and truths. I am furthermore the Chair of the Young Scholars Network of the European Communication Research and Education Association (YECREA), a frequent presenter at international conferences, and commentator in Danish and international media.

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Latest article:
Farkas. J. & Neumayer, C. (2020). Mimicking news: How the credibility of an established tabloid is used when disseminating racism, Nordicom Review, 41(1).