Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

Farkas, J. & Schou, J. (Forthcoming). Fake news as a floating signifier: Hegemony, antagonism, and the politics of falsehood, Javnost – The Public. Accepted for publication. Pre-print available at:

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Book chapters (peer-reviewed)

Farkas, J. & Neumayer, C. (Forthcoming). Disguised propaganda from digital to social media. International Handbook of Internet Research (2nd ed.)New York: Springer.

Conference Papers (peer-reviewed)

Farkas, J. & Bastos, M. (Forthcoming). State propaganda in the age of social media: Examining strategies of the Internet Research Agency. 7th European Communication Conference (ECC, ECREA), Lugano, Switzerland, 31 Oct – 3 Nov 2018.

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Other Activities

Contributor, Research exhibition, Förnuft eller känsla? Fakta, forskning och föreställningar, Malmö University Library, April-October 2018. 

Discussant, Keynote by Professor Pille Pruulmann Vengerfeldt, Digital parenting: How social media helps push the boundaries of being normal, Malmö University, April 2018.

Presenter and discussant, TRAIN Conference, Kristinehamn, April 2018.

Chair, Panel on civic engagement and civic experiences in datafied societies, Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data, ECREA Communication and Democracy conference, Stockholm, November 2017.

Chair, Panel on digital activism, Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data, ECREA Communication and Democracy conference, Stockholm, November 2017.

Co-organizer, Open Lecture on Racist Propaganda in the Digital Age, IT University of Copenhagen, May 2017.

Co-organizer, Conference on Digital Social Inclusion, IT University of Copenhagen, April 2017.

Internal Reports

Farkas, J. (2015). Social Media in the 2015 Danish Election – Executive Summary. Democracy and Citizenship in Digital Society (DECIDIS), IT University of Copenhagen.

Memberships and representation

YECREA Representative in the Communication and Democracy section of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association – since August 2017).

Member of Datafication, Digital Inequalities and Data Injustice (Nordic research network – since March 2018).

PhD Representative in the Supervisor Collegium, School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University (since March 2018)

Member of FSMK (Association of Swedish Media and Communication Research – since january 2018)

Member of DECIDIS (Democracy and Citizenship in Digital Society), Strategic research initiative at the IT University of Copenhagen (since January 2016).